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Cincinnati Look Check out our dramatic Hair Affair before-and-after pictures and get a glimpse inside this exciting annual Cincinnati Magazine event. TIMOTHY KREMCHEK, MD Q: When should I take my child who plays sports to an emergency room after an injury?

Plus, our exclusive look at fall fashion and local ties to the hottest new fashion designers. A: Any type of laceration to the skin ought to be evaluated in the emergency room.

Lookout 254 • New in Town Up Star Crow, Newport 258 • Chef 's Best Dove Avolos, Chokolote Morel, Moson 262 • Where Are You Eating? Rhinoplasty with natural results, balanced to complement your own facial features and proportions, is just one of his many areas of expertise. FACE (3223) • 351ADVANCED COSMETIC SURGERY LASER CENTER ofhydepark Copyrk SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTIONS sept The Downtown Tour of Living Mark your calendars and chart your course for this year's Sept. Our official guide to the biggest and brightest tour to date includes a comprehensive map, an exclusive sneak peek at properties you've never seen on the tour before and the inside scoop from residents who have fallen in love with living downtown.

Pre-theater hot spots 6 • CINCINNATI natural & beautiful results. With this one-hour procedure, you are able to return home without the traditional nasal packing. after pg 192 Cincinnati Magazine Home & Garden The prestige of urban living rises to new heights in this month's Home & Garden section.

For those with Alzheimer's, there's our Shelter Pointe Alzheimer's Wing.

For information about the Lodge Care Center, call 677-4900.

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The new Juicy Couture handbag is stylish and compact to cany you from one event to another. Fb ONTLINES JAY STOWE My earliest school memory goes like this: me on a seesaw, floating up, flipping upside down, and crashing headfirst into the asphalt playground of Concord Elementary. So imagine what it's like when you're the superintendent of Cincinnati Pub- lic Schools and you have to deal with parents, the Board of Ed., and the kids them- selves — all 37,708 of them. He's not in the clear, and like his predecessors he's probably wondering if he ever will be. Q: Is there something I should learn about my child's pre-game stretching program? With the proper warm-up and the proper stretching, many muscular injuries can be avoided.

BY JACK HEFFRON 92 GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT Drumroll, please: The 2004 Readers' Choice Awards for Best Restaurants* BY DAWN SIMON QUEEN CITY 1 8 ♦ School Tools Crayons to Computers free store in Bond Hill 20 » Newsmaker Glenn Morkoe brings Petra to Cincinnati 22 ♦ Insider Pinnist Fmnni/p) Ax visits thp CSO this month 24- « Politics Following the money through our toco) ZIP Codes 26 » Intersection Madison Rd.

& O'Bryon St., O'Bryonville 28 » Necessities Hoodies head back to school 30 ♦ Girl Friday Working out with a personal trainer 32 ♦ Escape A southeastern Ohio safcri at The Wilds in Cumberland 34 » Calendar Itzhak Perlman, Thomas the Tank Engine, and more DEPARTMENTS 10 ♦ Frontlines Notes from the Editor 12 ♦ Contributors 16 ♦ Feedback Our readers speak 58 * Witness Taking a spin with Milford's bus driver of the year 64 • Special Ed All you'll ever need to know you can learn playing dodgeball 68 • Creative Class Live jazz is plentiful here, so why isn't it on the radio? Pop quiz: test your knowledge of Cincinnati's Montessori firsts DINE 246 • Review Jade Cafi, Bright, Indiana 250 • Restaurants 251* New in Town Bistro 1020, Mt. Mendelsohn, has the training and experience you can trust. Medical Director Rookwood Tower • 3805 Edwards Road, Suite 100 • Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 13.351.

BY JESSICA CORDON & LINDA VACCARIELLO CULTURE SHOCK The A-list of arts events for the 2004-2005 season.

BY KATHLEEN DOANE 90 CINCINNATI KID: JOE NUXHALL Who says the Old Lefthander's got nothing left to say?

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